Our Team



Our dedicated team is the pillar of our company and defines who we are.  With a teamwork philosophy, services are provided through our highly trained and competent transload operators, drivers and shop personnel.  Our dedicated administrative and management team provides logistical expertise in the coordination of our services.


Head Office (Calmar)


  • Eldon Fandrick, President
  • Lana Fandrick, Special Projects Manager
  • Sandy March, General Manager
  • Kurt Tosczak, Calmar Site Manager
  • Terry Harasym, Maintenance Manager
  • Jaime Padduyao, Logistics, Calmar Site
  • Trish Pasemko, Accounting
  • Shanaaz Dredge, HSE manager
  • Cheyanne Horneman, Dispatcher

Calgary Office


  • Ryan Branston, Calgary Site Manager


    49409 RR 273
    Calmar, Alberta
    T0C 0V0

    Toll Free



    7260 Ogden Dale Rd S.E.
    Calgary, Alberta Canada
    T2C 3B1

    Toll Free